Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the  

African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement. 


@AFFRM is an arts advocacy movement, powered by people and organizations choosing action over excuses. We don't wait for permission. We see a void, and we work to fill it.

If you are like us, if you care about diverse images in cinema, if you aren't afraid to roll up your sleeves... then we want you to join us. Together, we will cultivate dynamic audiences for filmmakers of color to share their stories, their way.

If selected as an @AFFRM volunteer, you will receive an "Volunteer-Only" log-in to receive working updates, film information, assignments, and other exclusive tools and details. Check out the "Rewards Grid" below to view our current incentives program.

Join the movement and the mission right here, right now. @AFFRM Thyself!

Thank you for your activism... especially when you thought you were doing it out of the goodness of your heart. But, while we further and foster black film, we have fun too!  There are rewards to be gotten. This is how you get 'em.

  • You belong to one of 9 teams: NY, LA, PHILLY, DC, ATL, Digital, National Support, Production, Editorial.
  • Your Maverick Captain will reward you with color blocks for completed tasks as you move along our grid (see below).
  • As you champion black indie film, you may pick up rewards along the way such as a gift cards, @AFFRM swag, or the ultimate prize: entry into an all expense paid 3-day, 2-night stay at Sundance 2015 as the winning guest of @AFFRM. If you have any questions about how we do it at Sundance, check out our 2012 and 2011 recap videos.

Congratulations on joining us. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Oh, to be eligible for @AFFRM's rewards program, be sure you REGISTER TO VOLUNTEER.



Angela S.

Ashley T.

Chrison T.

Dawn P.

Kelly A.

LaShawn M.

Lex K.

Mark & Kasheera

Melissa C.

Moni V.

Natsai T.


Sunshine J.

Tracey G.


Alexandra C.

Carletta H.

Darrelle W.

Denise W.

Dennisha P.

Edward C.

Hannah F.

Jimmie T.

Jonell F.

Kenya M.

LeAnna H.

Maiya E.

Nae C.

Valeeka H.


Allison W.

April H.

Aya H.

Bukola O.

Devonya R.

Greg K.

Ilbersalle F.

Jacqueline K.

Jill L.

La Dale J.

Lagueria D.

Lewis D.

Ojay T.

Reggie A.

Roderick C.

Shimira C.

Tekquiree S.


Abosede C.

Danielle H.

Javonna H.

Nakisha C.

Tomeka D.

Tyrainne N.


Danielle H.

Dawn P.

Nia E.

Tamira M.

Tatiana B.

Tiffany D.



Denise S.

Jheanelle B.

Kimberly G.

Koren M.

Naiyah S.

Nichole C.

Sheila Q.


Bernie B.

Yolanda L.



Camille M.

Kevin P.

Lauren H.

Njaime N.

Ron A.



Kiersten S.



Angela M.

Carolee D.

Erina M.

Marisa H.

Paquita H.

Pauline J.


April D.



Heather G.





Ashley H.

Eboni Z.

Jos D.

Julia B.

Kim M.

Kim O.

LaShawn M.

Lisa Robinson

Malaika M.

Marla Harris

Melissa A.

Natasha B.

Nicole M.

Nina B.

Shenille L.

Stephanie M.