We are pleased to announce the opportunity to bring @AFFRM's films to your local community utilizing the TUGG platform. TUGG is a web platform that lets you choose the films that play in your local theater. TUGG crowdsources theatrical screenings, which means that if enough people in your community want to see an @AFFRM film, TUGG can make it happen!

We encourage all types of groups – including universities, libraries, community organizations, arts institutions and informal meetups to organize an @AFFRM film screening and discussion.  And for arranging a screening, you will receive 5% of the ticket sales of that show.


  1. Request a screening of an @AFFRM film at a theater in your community at:
  2. You will be contacted directly by TUGG and asked to complete a form with the preferred event details (time, date, theater, etc.).
  3. TUGG will review the information and contact you once the event details have been worked out with the theater. If the event isn’t confirmed (due to scheduling conflict for example), you can submit alternative event details.
  4. Once the details are set, you will be able to create a personalized event page (see here for an example of an event page: on the TUGG website.
  5. If a pre-set threshold of ticket sales is reached before the event deadline, then the event is confirmed, and the screening takes place. Make it clear to your audience that unlike most events they are invited to, this event will only happen if they reserve their tickets online before the deadline! If the event doesn't reach the threshold, then the event is cancelled and nobody is charged for their tickets.
  6. Receive 5% of the ticket sales as an incentive for arranging the screening. It's a great way to raise some extra funds for yourself or a group you care about.